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M.J. Nunn
Feb 21, 2022
Nik, I just wanted to thank you for your song writing. I can't sing to save my life, but I love listening to music. I've always been disappointed by LDS music because it sounds so classical. Not really my genre. I never liked listening to it growing up. Now that I have my own kids, it is so refreshing to turn on one of your songs and they relate to the message and they actually get up and dance! They request your music. How cool is that?! Kids requesting to listen to uplifting music?! Crazytown. Two weeks ago, I received some really difficult news. I was angry and frustrated. I was looking for the song Peace in Christ, but saw that the 2022 youth album was out on LDS Library. I turned it on as I worked in my yard to work out my frustration. It was as though each song was written directly for me. Like God was telling me he heard my prayers and these songs delivered the answers. I found myself sobbing and my soul dancing at the same time. I've got this album on constant replay. I feel stronger and able to cope knowing that God performs his miracles in his time. Even if I feel like an army is coming out to meet me, I find hope knowing that the seas will part, giants fall, and the blind will see again. God can do the seemingly impossible and has proven himself over and over again. If he can do those things, then surely he can save me. You have hit the nail on the head with your 2022 album. The music is timely, it sounds like something you hear on the radio. I have been recommending this album to everyone I know. Thank you for using your talents to edify me, my family, and so many others. Who knew you could be dancing and feel the spirit at the same time. Well done! Thank you!
M.J. Nunn

M.J. Nunn

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