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Nik Day is a singer/songwriter who resides in Salt Lake City. He has written hundreds of songs for the Church of Jesus Christ, and his songs have been translated into more than 40 languages and performed around the world. He has traveled to many different countries to put on songwriting workshops for Latter-day Saint youth, hoping to increase the amount of gospel-based music written and produced outside of the United States by talented Church members. His life’s mission is to put uplifting, gospel-based music in every home. His music is featured on the Youth and EFY albums. He and his wife, Darla, started a nonprofit called 90&9 that promotes healthy living through the performing arts. Through 90&9 they produce a large-scale cirque show every year called “Fighter” about a phoenix rising from the ashes, featuring original music by Nik. For tickets, go to Nik and Darla also put on firesides that feature Nik’s faith-based music and Darla’s stories about joining the circus and overcoming past trauma and addiction. To book a fireside for your stake, email Nik at

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