Writing Peace in Christ – the 2018 Mutual Theme Song

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“When there’s no peace on earth, there is peace in Christ…”

As an LDS Church employee, I get to do a lot of cool things. Elders Holland, Christofferson, and Rasband are executive directors over my department, the Priesthood and Family Department, and every once in a while I get to be in meetings with them. It’s really cool to see them in action, outside of General Conference. I also get to work with the Young Men and Young Women presidencies, especially on the Mutual Theme project.

As the Church’s Youth Music Manager, I get to sit in on their meetings when they talk about the next year’s Mutual theme, and the messages they want to get across to the youth. They travel the world and meet LDS youth from every walk of life, so they know what the youth need.

In one of those meetings, they were discussing the Peace in Christ theme. They talked about how there was so much chaos in the world, but we can always find that quiet place, the internal peace that we all want, if we rely on and follow Christ. They asked me if I could capture that in a song.

Some of you may think it’s easy to write a song. Sometimes that is true. Other times it takes me months to come up with something that really works. When it’s right, I know it. I probably came up with five or six song choruses or ideas, but nothing was really working for me. Then I listened to some music, that usually helps me get in a different space, musically. I have always loved the song Jealous, by Labrinth. After listening to it, I came up with a melodic hook that I liked. The more I worked on it, the more I liked it. I knew that this was the idea I was looking for when I came up with the line, “when there’s no peace on earth, there is peace in Christ.” It just felt right.

I don’t know why, but this song has resonated more with people than any other song I’ve written. Maybe it’s the simple, yet important message…

Christ really is always there for us, and He will give us His peace if we “learn of (Him), listen to (his) words, and walk in the meekness of (His) spirit.”

If you love this song, you will love my new deluxe album, “Just How I Am.”

Also, if you’re interested, here’s a playlist of voice memos I made when I was creating Peace in Christ. It’s interesting to see how different some of the ideas were.

Click here to download MY version of Peace in Christ.



  • Shane Brown says:

    This is just awesome! Very remarkable. Thanks for being who you are and playing this role in the kingdom. I loved this post! I wondered if you’d be willing to make your song Let’s Do It Again (not acoustic) available for download. Also Forgive Me (One More Time). Thanks again Nik.

  • Emily says:

    This was fun to read! It’s exciting to get a little inside look at how you came up with the song.

  • Almae says:

    I instantly feel good everytime i hear it. Thank you so much for the beautiful music! 🙂

  • Rick Warren says:

    Nik, you have written a beautiful song, Peace in Christ. It is beautiful in its clarity, simplicity, and melody.
    Having written worship songs since I was a teenager, listening to your development memos was interesting. They should encourage other songwriters!

    Pastor Rick Warren
    Saddleback Church, Lake Forest CA.
    Author of The Purpose Driven Life (This is not fake. It really is me writing this. And yes, I’m not LDS. I’m an Evangelical.

    • nikday says:

      This really means a lot to me, Rick. Thanks for the note. I would love to hear your music, if you want to send a couple links.

  • Emma says:

    I love the song Peace in Christ. I listen to it every day.

  • Shannon says:

    Hi Nik!
    I am so touched by the song, “Peace in Christ.” We are singing it soon for a mission farewell and we wanted to do the instrumental part that you have in the middle of the song with violin. Could you send me the sheet music for that part?
    Thank you for your uplifting and inspirational music.

  • Denise Olsen says:

    To Nik Day: What a treasure it is to have this music and learn it for performance. Thank you for writing (and sharing) the words and music. Our stake youth sang it for a music fireside and now my ward choir will perform it in Sacrament Meeting for November. I felt it important that the choir adults have opportunity to “engrave the song upon their hearts.”

  • Amanda says:

    Reading this and listening to your process spoke to my soul tonight. I’m a song writer as well. And could relate to you and can understand the molding of a song. I’m currently working on a couple of songs to submit to the church’s music contest and tonight I feel more motivation and hope to someday have my music sung by primary children around the world. Thanks.

  • Makeli Scholer says:

    Love this. Love your songs on the efy albums, seriously great spirit focused on the message without flashiness. Thanks for doing what you’re doing. ✊🏽

  • Emily Baird Gale says:

    My youngest son’s favorite song is Peace in Christ sung by Clair Crosby. We all love it. I had no idea you wrote it so it was really fun to discover that tonight! Glad you are doing well!

  • Erin Stout says:

    You are definitely helping us find Peace in Christ as you lead us to him through music. I have been comforted through a tumultuous year by listening to Youth music. Thank you.

  • Theodora says:

    Hi Nik,
    I loved this song from the first time I listened to it. Two weeks ago, I felt strongly to teach the children (age range from 7-13yrs) in the church where I attend and played the child (Claire) version to them, they were so taken by it and worked hard on it(some had to sing individual parts). Today they rendered it to everyone in church while one of them (the 13 year old) played the music and I believe everyone was uplifted. Thanks for the amazing song and keep up the good work. Blessings.

  • Asa Draney says:

    I knew I heard some “Jealous” vibes in the song structure. Love that song and love this song- beautiful job. I’m a singer-songwriter studying music at BYU, and I’m guessing your voice memos app is as crazy full as mine haha. If you ever see this, I was just wondering what advice you would give to someone who’s trying to have a similar career to what you’re doing?

  • Ejeh Chidimma says:

    I completely love this song, I cried the first time I heard it. God bless you Nik.

  • Cindy Anthony says:

    Thank you for this song! It’s so uplifting and inspiring. I hope you release an acoustic version of it!!

  • Jenica says:

    I was wondering, do you have A version that includes harmony for three parts. Three of the young women in my ward will be singing this beautiful song for Easter and I would love three part harmony.

  • Lisa Mullins says:

    Peace in Christ has a brought on a different meaning in my family. Shortly after the song was released, my mom passed away from cancer. My siblings and our spouses sang this song for her funeral. It probably wasn’t originally meant to be sung at a funeral, but we have found so much peace in centering our lives on the Savior so this song seemed to fit the message we wanted our families to know. Whenever our children hear this song and remember Grandma, it reminds them to make Christ their foundation and He will help us through those sad and hard times. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us.

  • Beth says:

    Hi Nik,

    Thanks for such a beautiful song! Is there any way to get the sheet music for the violin part in the song? We have been asked to perform the song this Easter Sunday at our LDS virtual Easter program and we wanted to add that to our performance.


  • Sarah Moore says:

    My brother in law’s brother died in a farming accident a few months ago now. Leaving behind a wife and four kids. This was his favorite song and his wife requested that we sing it at the funeral. I hadn’t ever heard this song before. I knew that I was going to have to listen and practice it a lot before performing it at the funeral. The spirit and actual peace that filled my soul just listening to and singing this song during this time was undeniable. The church was filled to capacity with people, seeing as he was the Bishop. My sister and I wanted to thank you for writing this song with the spirit and giving us the opportunity to sing it with the spirit and bless all those that were in attendance. We have since been requested if we could make a recording of us singing it as a duet and I wanted to make sure that that would be alright with you. We would want to post it and share it only as a way to share our testimony of Christ and the true peace that can be found in Him. I hope you are able to see this and get back to me. I don’t really know how else to get a hold of you. You are a true inspiration to me personally and I hope that I can share my songs in the same way you’ve been able to someday.

    • nikday says:

      I’m so glad that this song helped you and your family during this difficult time. I appreciate your kind words. You can use the song as long as you don’t use it to make money, so, posting it and sharing it is fine.

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