Writing I Will Go and Do – the 2020 youth theme song sung by David Archuleta

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9 years ago I got an internship with the Church. I was asked to write the first Mutual album with a group of other interns from BYU. Since then I’ve been able to write more than a hundred songs for the Church on the EFY and Mutual (Youth) albums. It’s been a pretty crazy ride – one that I am very grateful for. In 2020 EFY and FSY, the Church’s international youth program, were going to combine, and the General Officers of the Church needed a theme song to represent their theme: 1 Nephi 3:7.

It’s a very iconic scripture, and they needed a song that captured the spirit of the message. I decided to focus on Nephi’s journey from Jerusalem to the promised land. Nephi relied on the Lord every step of the way, and that was the only way he would make it through all the trials he faced. I focused on the idea “He’ll provide a way,” and even called the song “He’ll Provide a Way” until we released it. It’s all about how the Savior is always watching over us, and He will provide a way. No matter what He asks of us, He will always be there and help us cross deserts and oceans until we reach our own promised land.

I initially wanted to sing the song with my wife, Darla, because she has a beautiful voice and I loved the song. Darla and I do a lot of firesides together, and it would be fun to sing the song in firesides. But then I thought of David Archuleta. I didn’t really know him at that point, but I thought that his voice would fit the song perfectly. Granted, his voice would probably fit any song perfectly, it’s pure butter. When I asked him to sing it, he didn’t even hesitate to say yes, he loved the idea. I had talked to him years before about the youth music, and he mentioned he was a fan. Here is a picture of David with Darla and me in the studio.

After the recording we went to lunch at a small taco shop on Center Street in Provo with him and his manager, Kari. They are both great people, and it was fun to get to know them a little more.

If you are interested, here are some voice memos that show the creation process of “I Will Go and Do.” You will recognize some melodies and ideas early on, it’s kind of fun to see how it happened. The last one is a demo of the duet version that I sing with Darla.


  • madrid says:

    You both are great singers, I’ve been listening for a while now since I got baptized, I admire your bravery for showing your faith and using your talent for God’s purposes, greetings from Mexico Nik…


    Hey Nik, I really enjoy playing your song. I will be practicing it with my family strings ensemble next month. Please I’ll love you to share the link so I can download it thanks!

  • Will P says:

    Nik Day, does your back get sore from carrying LDS youth music so hard? I see you out here with writing credits on every song.

    • nikday says:

      Haha. It’s my job, and I love it. No back soreness yet.

      • Will P says:

        I am curious about the process. It seems remarkably often that you write an excellent song, (no easy feat walking the line between spiritual and cheesy, but you somehow manage it) but someone else ends up singing on the version that ends up on the Mutual or EFY album. Is that something that you orchestrate in order to provide other people opportunity and mix up the voices on the albums? Because seriously, I was reading about your prolific writing on the church albums, and it appears as if you could easily just write 12 tracks and sing on all of them.

        Also, the musical journey I’ve taken from Green Day to Nik Day because of my search for uplifting has been fun, so thank you, haha.

  • Ricky R says:

    Nik – this is a really beautiful song. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! Didn’t think I could like a version more than the official (D. Archuleta) one, but I thought your duet with your wife was fantastic. Much love and respect from Boston.

  • Debra Stevenson Raymond says:

    I love David Archuleta and his version of this song. But I LOVE hearing you and Darla sing it. Her voice is so pretty and will inspire young women to learn and perform the song. (An important song.) Your voices together are gorgeous. You two should record it and release it somehow. You figure out how. Nothing wrong with having multiples! Do it now so kids will have it for back-to-school courage.

  • Marcsi says:

    Your duett is the best. 🙂

  • Noelle B Gosnell says:

    I love this song. What a beautiful message. I was wondering, are the lyrics available in Spanish?

  • Sarah Miller says:

    Thank you for the songs and record of how it transpired. We are new to Utah from North Florida and the Appalachians and have lots of music that we love from our part of the country. We know pioneer songs are a part of the heart of Utah’s music history and at the same time we have been wondering if there is something else that can be considered local music. We decided that your contributions are and will be a part of what is known for Utah’s music. We are thankful for your sharing your story as our four sons (12-2yo) homeschool and are in a band and have musical aspirations too and we enjoy having role models for them that are fun. Go and Do and Good Day and Peace in Christ are favorites of theirs yet they have more and they’d be too many to list. We may travel in similar circles as your mission companion Jared (and esp. his sisters Jessica and Jennifer) are childhood neighborhood friends. Thank you. Keturah and Michael Miller and family

  • Julio says:

    You do amazing work. Thanks for the light you shine and the music you bring to the world. Keep it up brother.

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