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Nik Day is selling his 21-track album, JUST HOW I AM, for only $9.97! LDS teens love this collection of contemporary LDS songs that talk about faith, hope, and living the gospel in today’s world. If you have a teenager and you’re looking for good, uplifting music that they will want to listen to, give this album a try. It has already helped so many teenagers around the world.

Read what teenagers are saying about Nik Day’s album…

“Whenever I don’t feel like studying my scriptures I listen to some of Nik’s music and it invites the Spirit and puts me in a good mood, so that I want to study my scriptures more.” – Braedi, 16

“Nik’s music played a huge role in my journey of realizing my personal worth as a child of God. It helps me feel my Savior’s love.” – Liahona, 18

“I struggle a lot with forgiveness. I grew up in a home of domestic violence and I never knew how to forgive my dad. I was angry and irritable all the time until I met Nik at a concert. I have followed his music since, and his song ‘Forgive’ gave me the boost I needed to be able to understand that my earthly dad is a child of God, and he made mistakes, and that I can really grasp onto Christ’s atonement better by understanding the simple truth of forgiveness.”  – Taylor, 17

“The first time I heard Nik’s music was at a Hilary Weeks concert. His music is so clean and good! It helps me remember my divine worth.” – Tori, 17

“Nik Day’s music has affected me in a positive way because His music is always so positive and uplifting. I often find myself humming or singing these lyrics I’m always so grateful that it’s not one of those songs that swear every other word. Nik Day’s music stands out and is always a light in my life when I listen.” – Megan, 16

Click Here To Download JUST HOW I AM Now!

This album will help your teenagers with whatever they need; whether it’s encouragement, inspiration, peace, or a reminder of their divine worth. Music has a way of reaching people in a way that other things can’t.

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