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Tyler Castleton, EFY Producer – “Nik day writes well-crafted, relevant songs that speak to today’s Christian audience.”

Greg Hansen, Soft Sunday Sounds Host – “He is destined to become a powerhouse in the music industry”.

Al Fox Carraway, the Tattooed Mormon – “He is one of the only singers that I can listen to that’s upbeat but makes me feel good singing along.”

Nik Day is the official LDS songwriter, having written more than 100 songs for the LDS Church and EFY albums. His most recent work is “Peace in Christ,” the 2018 Mutual theme song, which has been streamed more than a million times in multiple languages. He writes music that lifts you up when you’re feeling down. His infectious melodies will stick in your head for days, and his deep, introspective lyrics will inspire you to be a better person. If you’re looking for uplifting music that even your teenagers will like, give Nik Day a try!

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