Nik Day is a Christian singer/songwriter who resides in Salt Lake City. He has written hundreds of songs for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his songs have been translated into more than 30 languages and performed around the world. He has traveled to many different countries to put on songwriting workshops for LDS youth, hoping to increase the amount of LDS music written and produced outside of the United States by talented Church members. His life’s mission is to put uplifting, gospel-based music in every home. His music is featured on the Mutual Theme and EFY albums. His sophomore album, Just How I Am, an electrifying collection of Christian songs, is available exclusively on

Nik grew up on a small farm in Idaho. “Growing up, we all had to learn how to work. It was part of life. Bucking hay and moving pipe taught me a lot about life.” His parents woke the kids up every morning at 6:30 to have family scripture study, and that’s where Nik was introduced to the stories of the Bible. He remembers listening to dramatized scripture stories on his cassette player every night. “That’s how I learned about the gospel. Reading scriptures with my family, listening to Bible stories, it was how I was raised. My parents taught me that being a good person was the most important thing in life.”

Nik was also introduced to music at a young age. At the early age of 5 his dad would teach him songs on the piano, and Nik would try to play them with his little fingers. “My Dad was pretty musical. He worked at a guitar shop when he and my mom started dating, and he plays the piano a lot. He was my first musical inspiration.” He grew up listening to artists like Billy Joel, Yanni, and Enya, and listened to musical soundtracks. Nik was homeschooled with his other siblings, so he had a lot of time to play the piano and write songs. “My mom wanted us to learn what we wanted to learn, and thankfully let me do music whenever I wanted. It was important to her that we were in charge of our own education.”

After spending two years in Mexico on a mission teaching the gospel, Nik started studying music in college and performed as much as he could. While attending BYU, he began writing and pitching EFY music, and realized that writing religious music was his calling in life. He released his first Christian EP, “Miracle,” in 2017. “When I was writing Miracle, it was amazing to see how the songs just came to me. I think they were supposed to be written. It strengthened my faith, and helped me realize even more what is important in this life. It was a great experience for me, and it was a blessing to be able to share those messages with the world.” His songs talk about Bible stories and the Sabbath Day, empower women, and address the after life.

Nik currently lives in Utah with his wife, Darla, and their two sons.