Miracle – Video

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Check out the music video for my song, “Miracle.”


  • Erin Ebert says:

    Hello! I LOVE this video! Is there any way I can get a copy of it that I can download? I want to show it for a young womens activity at church but I can’t show You Tube videos.

    Thanks so much!

  • This video hit me home… It made me cry happy tears. Like all your lovely songs, it touched my soul. I’m a big fan of your music. Keep doing what you’re doing. Please send me a copy of this song for me to add to my favorite playlist of your other songs I already have in file. Thank you!

  • Gale Post says:

    Do you have this in a choir or ensemble arrangement ? Would love to use it for my high school show choir to perform.

  • KLeigh Smith says:

    Amazing Nik, thank you. It’s a message we all need to internalize. It makes wonder what words would be written on the chalkboard of my soul from my Heavenly Parents & Savior…if I look for them? Thank you again

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