The night I ran off and joined the circus

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I was backstage pacing back and forth, trying to ignore the butterflies in my stomach. No matter how many times I perform, I still get nervous. I had written songs for business conventions before, but this time they asked me to perform the song live with hip hop dancers and circus performers. I felt like […]

Miracle – Video

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Check out the music video for my song, “Miracle.”

Publishing Deal… Or Not

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A publishing deal is the Holy Grail of songwriting jobs. There aren’t a lot of opportunities out there for songwriters, unless you create your own, and having a publishing deal gives you a little bit of stability. With a publishing deal, the publishing company basically pays you a small stipend in return for the exclusive […]

Bring You Home – Video

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Here’s a music video for a song that is dear to my heart. It’s called “Bring You Home.” Whenever we’re lost, Christ will leave the 99 sheep and come find us. Always.

Life Lessons from Michael McLean

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  I had done my fair share of performing. When I was going to BYU, I would perform every weekend in Provo anywhere I could. Open mic nights, restaurants, house parties, and even Color Me Mine, a local date destination where couples learned how to paint together. When I was at the peak of my […]

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